Guided Elk, Whitetail Deer and Moose Hunts in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada - Rifle and Archery Hunting

Northern Canada Moose HuntsMoose Hunts

Our Northern Alberta Moose hunts take place in the WMU zone's 544 and 523 north west of the Lesser Slave Lake region. The areas we hunt are remote access via atv or foot access. Our base camp is set three miles from one of our hottest areas known as the Triangle. Amidst the creeks and lakes these Massive moose call home are small cut blocks, with young regrowth which keeps them in great condition over the course of our long winters. The average size of moose you will see are between the 45" and 55" some reaching the 60" mark. And wieghing in at an incredible 1100 to 1300 lbs and heights of 7ft at the shoulder. This makes for an absolutly incredible hunt in the rut. Come hear these massive northern giants crash the timber this fall with a truly one of a kind hunt with amazing results. You will not be disappointed !!

What is included in the hunt:

Saskatchewan Moose HuntsThis is an all inclusive hunt where we pick you up at the Edmonton International Airport and bring you back. All your meals, lodging in either a Tent camp or hotel style hunt - yours to choose. Transportaion, trophy care and 2x1 guiding will be provided. The meat is up to you to have processed we will skin it and have it ready for the Meat processer. If you are unable to take it back we will gladly take it and help families that could use it.

Taxidermy,tags, meat processing and gratuities are not included.

For our areas we have available two Class "R" rifle rut tags 8 day hunts in Sept or Oct $5500 + $250 for tags and licenses.

We also have six Class "O" which can be used for Archery Hunts in Sept and Oct $4750 + $250 for tags and licences.

Six Class "O" Nov rifle hunts 8 day hunt $ 4500 + $ 250 for tags and licences.